Ladies, If You Shave Your Pubic Hair, Read This!

Ladies-If-You-Shave-Your-Pubic-Hair-Read-ThisA significant percentage of women are removing their pubic hair with shaving or waxing,no matter if that it is safe for them.This have become as a obsessity for some of them and for some it is not a normal thing.But latest studies have shown that women who are shaving their intimate zone can put themselves in danger.

On the other hand,in “American Diary of Obstetrics and Gynecology” the scientist have published that nowadays more than 87% of the women are spending money by going into a marvel salon in order to remove the hair from their intimate zone.But if they are shaving at home their pubic hair then they are more exposed to hurt themselves.

The skin in the genital area is very sensitive and prone to cuts and wound. Many women feel tingling in the wake of shaving.

The area below the waist is full of sweat glands. That means that the region is an ideal environment for bacterial growth. Also, if the skin has little cuts, there is a great risk of infection.

It is important to mention that pubic hair in a way is a characteristic hindrance of sexually-transmitted sicknesses.