Woman Had A 3-Year-Old Cyst On Her Neck And What Dr Pimple Popper Did Is Damn Weird

Dr. Sandra Lee loves posting pimple popping videos and blood draining procedures for her fans. It seems she is quite fascinated with her work. Moreover, her fans love to see such frightening extractions because the end of these cyst removal procedures is quite satisfactory.

Dr. Lee removed a gross 3-year-old lump from woman’s neck and posted this video on 15th December. The video has been going viral since then. It has more than 514,700 views. The woman had this lump on her neck for 3 long years.

Her husband tried to pop the cyst but failed to do it. Then the lady took help of Dr. Sandra Lee for the removal of her stubborn cyst. Dermatologist used a hole-punch tool for the removal of the nasty lump from woman’s neck.

Scroll down for the stomach-churning video and details of the extraction.

Images via YouTube

She hardly pressed the device in the center of the woman’s lump.