Dr Pimple Popper Extracts Bump Beneath Woman’s Breast And Then Gets The Shock Of Her Life

Dr Sandra Lee is a dermatologist at the Skin Physicians & Surgeons practice in Upland, California. She likes to post videos of gross blood-draining procedures for her fans to watch. It seems she is quite fascinated with her pimple popping job.Sandra said in an interview: “I pop these things, and yeah they kind of make me feel good, they’re satisfying, but it’s not like I seek them out.”Recently Dr. Pimple Popper carried out bump excision of a lady near her breasts. Dr. Pimple Popper is an expert in cysts, blackheads and pimple removal but she doesn’t have much idea about bumps. The dermatologist was clueless about the nature of bump at the time of extraction. The nature of bump was later determined by the microscopic examination and it is something shocking.Scroll down for the details of bump excision and blood-curdling video.Source: YouTubeRecommended story: Woman had 3-year-old cyst on her neck and what Pimple Popper did is weird

The presence of shallow cells in the extracted tissue confirmed that it was a benign cyst.  via

Watch the spine-chilling footage of bump excision from lady’s breast.

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