Interesting ! See How You Can Prepare Alkaline Water Which is Known to Kill Cancer


From 0 – 14 is the scale of potential hydrogen-pH. Since 7 is the middle, if you have less than 7 the substance is acidic and more than 7 it is alkaline.

If you have an acidic body, you may experience fatigue, digestive problems, weight gain, and exhaustion. Therefore, drinking pure water as well as eating fresh vegetables you can balance your pH.

Dr, Otto Warburg claims that tap water contains indigents which may be cause of a low pH and therefore cause cancer. He adds that 93% of cancers are acidic.

Being aware of the importance of alkaline water here you can read a recipe and prepare it immediately.

Ingredients and instructions:

You need to have 1 lemon, ½ of cucumber and mint leaves, and ¼ of ginger root. First, you peel the ginger and cut the other ones in pieces. Put them in a big cup and add water to them. Drink this juice daily.

 Note: for optimal results drink it after you wake up