Place An Ice Cube On Your Neck For 30 Seconds Every Day For AMAZING Health Benefits!


In order to stop illnesses then you need to put ice cube on your neck immediately.If you have difficulties about finding out where is it located then you should know that it is between your head and neck.Chinese acupuncture have named this point as Feng Fu.

Everything you need to do is to lay down on your stomach and place a ice cube on this point.If you want you can also hold the ice cube with a band aid for about 15-20 minutes.Repeat this twice a day in the morning if you want to notice better results.

Benefits of Feng Fu

Maybe you will feel unpleasant the first time when you put ice because it is really cold and the temperature on our body is higher.If you cannot resist then you should start with doing this after 30 seconds.Even though during the first few days you may feel a slight euphoria that is as a result of endorphins which is released from the body.

By doing this,you will feel more energized and this will also help you with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

This is a very effective procedure because it can also help you to solve many other health problems like,neurological diseases,acute gastrointestinal and sexually transmitted diseases,degenerative changes of the spine,disorders of the thyroid gland,hypertension,arthritis,obesity,asthma,cellulite,malnutrition,disorders of the menstrual cycle,depression,stress,fatigue,insomnia and psycho-emotional disorders.