Powerful Home Remedy Against Earwax & Ear Infections


Ear infections cause great pain and discomfort in performing daily activities.

If you have problems with infections of the ears, we present a drug that is more effective than any drug you can buy at the pharmacy.

Almost all ear drops (against infection) contain only alcohol for washing and drying the ear. This home remedy involves rubbing alcohol and white vinegar.

Alcohol and white vinegar dry ear, fight infections, eliminate earwax and soothe pain.

This drug is very effective precisely because white vinegar has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and is also very effective against infections that require antibiotics.

Ingredients needed:

Alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

White vinegar

Method of preparation:

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and alcohol.

Way of use:

Take a teaspoon from the prepared mixture, tilt your head to the side and pour some of the remedy in your ear. Hold your head tilted for 30 to 60 seconds, then sit upright and allow the mixture to come out of your ear.

In order to treat the ear infection or remove fat or water from the ear, you should practice this procedure at least twice a day.

Note: If you do not notice any results within 3 days, see a doctor. If you are dealing with a perforated ear drums, you should not use this medicine.

Source: Healthy Food House