This is the best idea ! See How You Can Make Your Window Private And Sunny By Using Only TWO Things!


This girl called Anna Belvita, decides to do something with her window as she got tired of having to cover it up every time she would want to have some privacy. Every time she covered it, it was impossible for the sunlight to penetrate in her room. As we know, natural sunlight doesn’t only makes us be in a good mood, but it is also very beneficial to our health.

Therefore, she came with this idea of using cornstarch, which was brilliant !

 Firstly, she bought some cornstarch and a brush. Then, she mixed two tbs of cornstarch with two tbs of water. She took a cup of boiling water and poured the mixture in it. After that, she started to put the cornstarch paste on the window using the brush.

She then took a white precut lace fabric and stuck it on the window which was covered with cornstarch. Next,  she took the mixture and put on a second layer on the window.

 Here you can see the white fabric, which is a very good one since people can’t see through it. And the brilliant thing is that sunlight is still able to go through into room.
Here is what Anna’s room looks like !

Using hot water and a sponge you will be able to remove the lace off. She did so before moving out of this place.

“It does not damage the window at all”, is what Anna thinks is the best thing of this project.