Lemons are not only an abundant flavor to a lot of foods, but they also have many health benefits.

They are rich in antioxidants and are very helpful in treatment of various conditions and ailments. Their peel also contain a lot of healthy stuffs and it has a strong anti-microbial effect. It can prevent fungal and bacterial infections. No matter if you are consuming them fresh, preparing lemonade, lemon tea or lemon water they are an essential part of every detox method.

The most amazing health benefits of lemons are:
– They can help you for kidney and liver cleanse.
– They can prevent asthma symptoms.
– They can boost up your immune system.
– They are an effective solution against bacteria.
– They can prevent and treat stress and depression.
– They can reduce the risk of having a stroke.
– They are an amazing solution in treatment of inflammation.

Lemons and cancer
Lemons are generally used for their vitamin C content that is for the most part moved in their juice. Yet, the most recent research has demonstrated that lemon peels give awesome supplements too. Lemon peels have demonstrated an immense potential in devastating and expelling harmful waste from the body. This is the top motivation behind why lemons are regularly used as a part of the treatment of disease patients. There is a solid connection amongst lemons and disease. Researchers invested decades in pondering and testing whether lemons can obliterate anomalous malignancy cells. Also, yes, many reviews have affirmed this probability. Some exploration considers have demonstrated that solidified lemons can be more successful in devastating malignancy when contrasted with chemotherapy. In addition, they are a great deal more advantageous and more secure arrangement than chemo drugs. These reviews additionally demonstrated that lemon remove annihilates disease cells while leaving the sound cells in place.

Freezed lemons
Wash the lemons and disinfect them with baking soda or apple cider vinegar. Then, rinse them with water and dry them with a towel. Put them in a freezer and leave them there for the night. When they are completely frozen grate the whole lemon and put them into ice cube trays. Put them in your freezer again and use them when you need a hint of citrus fruit. You can add them to your tea, juice, smoothie, salads, sauces, ice-cream, etc.