3 Million Frozen Meals of This whole are Recalled! the rationale is SHOCKING!


Going out with your family to have a dinner is both enjoyable and easy as you don’t have to bother yourself cooking. Unfortunately, the fact that someone else makes the food for your is not always pleasant due to the gross things that you may find in your food. You never know what goes into your food, thus eating at home may be nicer.

Frozen dinners are a perfect solution if you choose to eat at home and don’t feel like cooking. This sounds great because it is like someone else is preparing the meal for you. However, it has been proven recently that they are not such a great “ready meal” as we thought. It is said that there are million boxes of frozen DiGiorno pizzas, Stouffer’s lasagnas, and Lean Cuisine meals are being recalled because customers are finding pieces of glass in them.

Nestle USA is the company which owns them. It claimed that there are not any injuries reported due to the glass.

There is an investigation going on in order to find out the cause of such a dangerous situation.