WARNING! Watch This and re-examine whether or not you must offer NSAID To Your Kids!

This woman called Hayley experienced a shocking situation with her son called Lewis whom she gave ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory medication to treat chickenpox. While ibuprofen is used as a common way to treat such a condition, Hayley realizes that it was not the “perfect” solution for her son as his health began to decline right after he took it.

Lewis’ temperature started to rise even more and the pox became more painful. The doctors told her that such symptoms are normal in case of chickenpox, but her mother instinct knew that there is something bad happening with her son. Unfortunately, she was right because Lewis was diagnosed with septicaemia. He was immediately admitted to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool in order to begin the recovery process.

As a result of this shocking experience, Hayley decided to start warning all the parents out there about the potential danger of giving Ibuprofen to their kids.


Even doctors are raising the severances of the possible risk that ibuprofen carries  in chickenpox cases.