Simple natural methods to reduce your child’s fever in less than 5 minutes


Be very careful not to ignore an extremely high and long-lasting fever. If the fever lasts for more than a few days see a pediatrician ASAP.

Simple natural methods to reduce your child’s fever in less than 5 minutes:

Lukewarm bath

When your child is having a fever never use cold showers to try to reduce it. It can just make him shiver and raise the temperature even higher. Bathe your child with lukewarm water , the water will evaporate, cooling the body and reducing the temperature.

Lots of fluids and chilled food

It’s very important to give him plenty of liquids to keep him hydrated. Also, give your child chilled drinks and food which will reduce the fever from the inside out.

Use a fan

This is also a useful way to make your child feel more comfortable. Just make sure you adjust it on low intensity and make sure it doesn’t blow directly into your child.

Remove layers of clothing

Another useful tip for reducing the fever is to remove the layers and layers of clothing so that his skin can breathe and lose the heat easily through the skin. You should dress him more lightly and if by any chance he’s shivering cover him with some light blanket until he feels warm again.

Keep your child indoor in cool place

Always keep your child inside in a cool place when he has a fever. If you must go outside then keep him under a shade.

Grated potatoes

Wash, peel and grate some potatoes. Put the grated potatoes in socks and put them on your child. It will instantly lower his temperature and he’ll feel much better.

Brandy and water

Pour equal amounts brandy and water in a bowl (1 small cup each) and soak a gaze in the solution. Squeeze the excess liquid from the gauze and put it in your kid’s socks.

Clod washcloth on forehead

This method has proven to be very effective in reducing fever. Just put a piece of cool, moist washcloth on your child’s forehead while he’s sleeping. It’ll draw out the ever in 5 minutes.