Principal calls officer in to talk to crying student. He has no idea he’s about to be surprised

In a time where tensions are high between law enforcement and the community, it’s nice to see stories like this one. It’s important to remember that while there may be negative stories circulating about police officers, there are still the good guys. Thanks to the help of the DUDE. be nice Project, this high school was able to celebrate their appreciation of this life-changing officer.

Students from Heritage High School in Brentwood, California contacted the DBN project team in order to surprise their favorite resource officer with the appreciation that he deserved. Officer Mitch’s job is to make sure that everyone at the school is safe, but he without a doubt goes beyond the requirements of his job.

When the students refer to the officer as their friend, then you know he is doing something right.

Unsuspecting of the surprise, Officer Mitch talks to the DBN team about what he loves about his job and what he hopes to get out of his connection with the students.

“My whole thing is that I treat them with respect, and then they’ve got to give that respect back,” said Officer Mitch.

Officer Mitch knows how to relate to the students in a productive way. It’s nice to see that they have someone looking out for them and rooting for them to graduate. It’s touching to hear the one student’s story about how Officer Mitch helped him work through anger problems. As a result, the student has stopped getting in trouble and now enjoys his time at school.

Helping the students be the best they can be is what being a resource officer should be all about. It’s no wonder that the student’s felt compelled to honor Officer Mitch.

Calling in the help of the DBN team was a smart move on the high school’s part. The organization aims to provide a platform for people to recognize a person who creates a positive impact in their community. Officer Mitch’s surprise involved a prank that led to a thank you video, a lip-sync to his favorite song, and a bucket of softballs with written messages from his students.

You have to watch this video to see how flawlessly the surprise was pulled off. It’s so nice to see a community, especially of teenagers, pull together to recognize someone who is having a positive impact on their lives. Plus, there is even more of a surprise for Officer Mitch at the end of the video. The look on his face is priceless and you’ll love the excitement in the crowd.

This video is sure to get you thinking of all of the people in your own life that have been a positive influence. Hopefully, the students at Heritage High and the DBN project inspire more people to honor those deserving individuals.

Like one of the students wrote to Officer Mitch, “not all heroes wear capes,” but they do make all of the difference in the community.