Woman Finds Her Engagement Ring 13 Years After It Went Missing On Her Farm

Mary Grams went through the sadness of losing an engagement ring, as the ring came off while she was working in the garden on her family’s farm. She believes that it must have slipped off her finger when she was tearing a weed out of the ground and while everyone around took the time to look high and low, no one could seem to find the ring. She had been wearing the ring since 1951 and was saddened by the loss.

She married her husband Norman in 1952 and they enjoyed a blissful union up until Norman’s passing five years ago. Mary was absolutely terrified that her husband would lose his temper if he found out that the ring was gone, so she thought quickly and got a replacement before he knew what had taken place. This would seem to be the end of the story, but things took an interesting turn…

13 years had passed and Mary had mostly forgotten about the loss of the old ring. Her daughter in law Colleen was doing some work on the family’s farm when she made the most astonishing discovery. She yanked a carrot out of the ground and wouldn’t you know it, that carrot was wearing the lost engagement ring! The photo is quite the sight to see.

When Colleen found the ring, she knew that it could only have belonged to her mother in law or her grandmother. She showed the ring to her husband, who let her know that this was the ring that once belonged to his mother. Mary was soon given the ring and she was thrilled to find out that it still fit her finger perfectly. What a touching reunion.

Mary fully plans on keeping the ring and continuing to wear it. While this story is already hard enough to believe, what makes it even crazier is the fact that this is not the first time that someone’s engagement ring was found on a carrot. A similar story also took place in Germany, where another couple had almost the exact same thing happen to them.

This is one crazy world that we live in and this story is a prime example of just how nutty things can be sometimes. While the loss of an engagement ring is always a very sad experience, we are glad to see that Mary was reunited with one of her most prized possessions while she still had the chance to truly appreciate. Please share this incredible story with all of your friends and family members.