25-Year-Old Mom Drops Dead. Family Opens Her Kitchen Cabinets, Knows Exactly What Killed Her

If you are someone who works out on a regular basis or you know someone who does, you are probably well aware of the growing ubiquity of fitness supplements and protein shakes. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to sculpt yourself into the person you want to be from a fitness standpoint, those who try to be healthy often end up placing themselves in a position where they are actually compromising their safety.

Meegan passed away from a protein overdose and most tragically of all, she left behind two children. When her family searched her kitchen cabinets, they found several protein supplements and a link between these supplements and her death was immediately established. The protein itself is not what killed her, but she was stricken with a rare genetic disorder that kept from processing it.

Urea Cycle Disorder kept her body from being able to process the nitrogenous compounds from protein and while she continued to drink protein shakes on a regular basis, she had no idea about the damage that they were doing to her body. She did not know that she was suffering from the disorder and had no idea that her consumption was irresponsible.

According to her mother, her daughter had begun to feel strange and was complaining of fatigue this past June. Most bodybuilders are typically able to handle the amounts of protein that she was consuming without experiencing any severe issues over the short term or even the long haul, but unfortunately, Meegan’s disorder was not properly diagnosed until after she had already passed away.

The health supplement industry is not always regulated in the same manner that other industries are and the onus is placed on the consumer to make the right choices. Meegan’s family has now started a campaign to increase awareness when it comes to these supplements and thanks to this movement, bodybuilders and workout fanatics will one day be able to enjoy a safer environment.

Urea cycle disorder is a silent killer and this story needs to be shared with as wide of an audience as possible, so that stories like Meegan’s are the exception and not the norm. If you have friends or loved ones who rely on protein supplements in order to reach their physical peak, please don’t be shy about passing this story along. You just might end up saving a life in the process.