After Newborn Son Is Rushed To The ER, Dad Urges All Parents To Get ‘Special Sock’

Two parents from the city of Philadelphia recently endured the scare of a lifetime when they were forced to rush their child into the emergency room. Their baby was just four weeks old when these events unfolded and if not for the special device that Ryan and Kate had purchased for their child, this story would have likely had a much different ending than the one that came to pass.

Kate is a worrier by nature and she utilized an app on her phone that would allow her to sleep without remaining up all night in fear that something had happened to her precious baby. Little Bryce is alive today, thanks to the couple’s usage of the Owlet Smart Sock. While this sock will set the average couple back by about $300, the device is one of the most sound investments that a couple can possibly make.

The small device goes onto the foot of an infant and serves as a way to monitor the child’s oxygen levels and heart rate while the parents are sleeping. Since parents are not always able to keep an eye on the baby throughout the night, the smart sock sends alerts to their phones if the aforementioned levels start to fall out of the necessary range.

If not for these alerts, baby Bryce would have likely lost his life. The child’s heart rate remained at 286 throughout the night and while his parents initially thought the device was experiencing some form of difficulty, a quick reset showed that there was true cause for concern. From there, the child was hustled to the emergency room and given the care he needed in order to survive.

As it turns out, Bryce was experiencing a form of heart arrhythmia that is commonly found in small children. Since the condition is fatal if it is not treated in a timely manner, these parents’ actions saved his life. Ryan took to Facebook to speak out about the experience and let the world know that the Owlet smart sock was the device responsible for saving his little boy’s life.

While this sock is not going to be able to prevent health issues from taking place with your little one, it can provide you with the alert that you need in a pressurized situation. Parents everywhere should definitely take heed of this story and be sure to pass it along to all of their friends and family members who have little ones of their own to look after.