After own crashed into the river, rescue workers noticed a dog in the bed and rush into action

This story should serve as a valuable reminder as to why dogs do not need to be riding in the back of pickup trucks. While this may seem like a good idea on paper, it does not work in execution and it needs to be stopped at once. If you have allowed yourself to forget just how dangerous this practice can be for your dog, be sure to read on and learn more.

The driver of this truck suffered from a terrible accident and when his truck was sent into the rapids, his dog seemed like a certain goner. The poor animal was stuck in the back and this owner would be forgiven for immediately giving up on the situation. After all, we are not sure what we would have done if we were the ones who found ourselves facing this situation.

Being in a car wreck is already a scary enough experience and to go through that while also seeing your dog’s life flash before your eyes would be enough to paralyze anyone with fear. Once the truck started to sink into the river, it seemed as if the man’s dog was going to end up sleeping with the fishes. Luckily, help arrived in the nick of time!

Rescue crews made their way onto the scene and a crowd gathered to watch the events unfold. This daring rescue unfolded in real time and luckily for us, someone was on hand to capture the entire series of events that took place on this fateful day. This is the type of video that will have you hanging on the edge of your seat, if you are even able to sit down.

Pet owners, we understand that your dog likes to ride in the back of your truck. However, this is not a situation where you should be allowing the pet’s desires to overpower all of your common sense on the matter. A special shout out goes to this rescue crew and without their help, we do not know what would have become of this poor pup.

One thing is for sure: this owner has definitely learned a valuable lesson and will be thinking twice before letting his pet sit in the back of his truck in the future. Take time out to show this clip along the other dog owners in your life, so that a higher level of awareness is raised about this type of dangerous behavior.