After she got into an accident, girl with one arm makes the most hilarious Tinder bio ever

Trying to date when you are slightly different from everyone else can be difficult and while you may allow the fact that you are not like all of the others to discourage you, this woman’s Tinder bio is a great reminder that there is something to smile about. Lauren is from San Diego and she is just like any other 20 year old woman, with one major exception.

She lost one of her arms in a moped accident last year. She was driving the moped and going much too fast, when she lost control of the vehicle and collided with a median. Lauren was then ejected from the bike and when she hit a sign, her arm was sliced off completely. The fact that she remained conscious throughout each step of this process is perhaps the most amazing part of all.

Her life would have likely been lost that day, if not for the timely presence of a police officer who had received tourniquet training. Social media was instrumental in her recovery process and while she did not enjoy hearing all of the jokes about her missing arm at first, Lauren soon realized that laughter is the best medicine. She even started to tell some of the jokes herself as a means of breaking the ice.

She has not been shy about posting photos of herself ever since the accident took place and she has been a shining beacon for those who have been through similar incidents in the past. She’s not someone who believes in hiding these things from the world and her Tinder bio is one of the most hilarious things that we have ever seen. It has since gone viral and for very good reason.

Lauren says that she came up with the bio while she was under the influence and if she can be this clever while drunk, we can only imagine what she can cook up while sober. We are hard pressed to think of a funnier Tinder ad off the top of our heads. Everyone and their brother is definitely going to want to swipe right after this one and we cannot blame them. This woman is a true catch and anyone would be lucky to have her.

She is great at poking fun at herself and Lauren is definitely a true gem. She does not want anyone to feel bad for laughing at her bio and the whole reason that she made it was to bring joy to the world. There is no sense in wallowing in self pity after tragic events take place and this is a rule that Lauren seems more than happy to live by.