Autistic Son’s Tantrum Was So Bad, That Mom Called The Cops. What The Officers Did Is Going Viral


Autistic people are humans just like the rest of us, but unfortunately, there are still a multitude of people out there who feel it necessary to talk down to them and mock them in hopes of getting laughs for other mean spirited jerks just like themselves.


Ketan is a 30 year old man from London and when he experienced the cruelty of being publicly ridiculed by the instruction of his spin class, he did not take the experience to heart. Instead, he used the experience as fuel for his fire and little did the instructor know just how intelligent he is.


When he requested a change in music during the class, he was repeatedly berated and called “stupid”. From there, he spent two years devouring books from the law library and he also read up about all of the local laws that were designed to govern experiences like the one he had been forced to suffer through.


Ketan attempted to solve the dispute by filing an official complain and when he did not receive a result that he found satisfactory, the obvious next step was to file a legal claim. against someone with a mental disability is against the law and cannot be tolerated under any circumstances.


His victory over the bigotry that took place on that fateful day at Virgin Active was swift and decisive. He received £1,390 in exchange for his pain and suffering and with any luck, the employees at this establishment have learned a valuable lesson about judging books by their cover.


For Ketan, this was not about the money, it was about the principles. No one should ever made to feel lesser because of a disorder that they cannot control and this inspirational story definitely deserves to be shared with as wide of an audience as possible.