City Says Stairs For Seniors Cost $65,000. When Man Builds Them For $550, City Tears It Down

West Toronto residents were recently thrilled to find out that they were getting a garden to call their own. The community garden was to be placed at Tom Riley Park and while this idea was met with essentially unanimous approval, there was just one problem. Senior citizens love visiting this park and the garden did not have a set of stairs that allowed for easier access.

Several visitors have already fallen down as a result of this predicament and one poor senior even broke their hands. Adi, a local senior, inquired about the costs associated with the installation of the steps and received an answer that was quite startling. According to the city council, it would cost at least $65,000 to install the stairs and the costs could reach as high as $150,000.

$150,000 for a measly eight steps? There is definitely something majorly wrong here and we cannot believe that the city council would allow themselves to stoop to this level of greediness. Adi and his wife were regular visitors to the park and they decided to pitch in to help their fellow seniors. Since Adi was a former mechanic, it was nothing for him to build a solid set of steps.

All he needed was $550 and a little bit of assistance from a local homeless man. The project was completed in 14 hours and all parties involved were thrilled with the results that had taken place. While you would think that the city would be happy to have this issue taken care of at no cost to them, they decided that it would be a better idea to take the stairs down instead.

Adi’s stairs were supposedly not up to code and they were torn down as a result. From there, he received word from the mayor of Toronto that they had found a new estimate for the stairs and could build them for the much more reasonable cost of $10,000. Thanks to Adi’s hard work, the city staff received a very valuable lesson about their wasteful nature and were forced to get real about the process.

While we are not happy to see Adi’s handiwork torn down like this, it is great to see that the city came to their senses and decided not to waste valuable money on a project of this nature. If you would like to find out more about this interesting tug of war, then be sure to check out the clip below.

If the video is not loading on your device, you can watch it HERE