Doctors Think Teen’s Pregnant, Find Rare Diagnosis Instead. Teen Now Warns Others of Symptoms

When your body is giving off clear signs that something is wrong, it is in your best interests to listen to them. Unfortunately, people will attempt to push through the most obvious symptoms and this causes much bigger problems to take place. If you catch warning signs early on, you owe it to yourself to take the time to have them checked out by an experienced medical professional before they have a chance to get worse.

Caly is a prime example of this principle and this teenage girl has been through a harrowing medical journey. She was known for being a cheerleader who is happy and full of life, but when she came home from a family vacation not feeling well, her mother knew that she would need to get checked out. Her stomach had become bloated and she was vomiting on a regular basis.

The doctor believed that Caly’s illness was being caused by the growth of a tumor on her ovaries and her mother was inclined to believe this diagnosis. A five pound tumor was discovered inside of Caly’s body and her ovarian cancer was diagnosed as stage three. It took 21 rounds of chemotherapy before Caly was able to reach the remission stage.

She was very fortunate to have survived this experience and if she had not listened to the telltale signs that her body was providing, this story could have ended much differently. She is now using her cancer story as a teaching tool and explaining the importance of early diagnosis to others who find themselves going through a similar amount of discomfort.

Caly also knows that she has been given something that many cancer patients do not ever get the chance to receive: a second chance at living a happy life. She is not letting a single minute go to waste and she is currently showcasing her singing voice on a number of different television shows, including America’s Got Talent and The Ellen Show.

She’s using her music as a means of spreading awareness about cancer and we support her wholeheartedly in this pursuit. Her story provides us with a reminder about the necessity for regular medical check ups, while also giving us the inspiration that we need to carry on in the face of hard times. Please share this touching clip with your closest friends and loved ones today.