Elephant Calf Slips Into The Deep End, Both Parents Panic Then Devise A Brilliant Plan

This footage was obtained from a zoo in Seoul, South Korea, where two elephants sprung into action at a very crucial moment. These two adult elephants came to the aid of a baby and without their assistance, there is no telling what could have taken place. The baby elephant appears to be standing near the pool with no problems, but when the animal suddenly falls into the deepest end, both adults became panicked.

After taking a few moments to pace along the pool’s side and figure out a plan, the adults decide that it will be in their best interests to enter the pool’s shallow end and slowly work their way towards the scared baby. From there, they are able to head to the deep end and give the baby elephant the push that they need. Be sure to check the other worried elephant who is pacing about in the background as well.

Animals are far more intelligent than they are typically given credit for and we are stunned that these elephants were able to come up with a plan so quickly. We hate to admit it, but these elephants developed a plan far faster than most human beings would have been able to. While most of us would have gone into a blind frenzy, these elephants did not.

Stories like these serve as a major middle finger to those who act as if animals cannot possess massive amounts of intelligence. These elephants are not only displaying an impressive level of smarts, but their cognitive thinking skills are also a thing of beauty. Heroes can come in all shapes and sizes and it is clear as day to see that these elephants are heroes of the highest order.

Adorable animals also come in all shapes and sizes and this story is adorableness personified. All of the animal lovers in your life are bound to appreciate this story of elephants who are able to come to the rescue at a moment’s notice. In a world full of sad stories about people who hurt and abuse innocent animals, it is great to see a story about animals who banded together in order to save a fallen comrade.

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