Grandpa Visits New Grand Baby. Sees What’s On Onesie, Can’t Believe Daughter Hid This Secret

When little Landry was born, he became a very special addition and his family instantly fell head over heels in love with him. While his parents and his big sister are already swooning for Landry, his grandpa is a different story. He is exceptionally pleased and in order to learn more about why, you’ll need to watch the video that Landry’s mother Carie uploaded to Facebook.

Not only was Landry born on his grandfather’s birthday, but he was named after him as well. These factors were not the sole reasons for his happiness, as Landry’s gender also played a major role in his glee. Grandpa James had lived his entire life in houses that were full of women. He was the only boy out of all his siblings, he had nothing but daughters and both of his grandchildren were girls.

The whole family decided that they would let Grandpa be surprised and while they all knew that Landry would be a boy throughout the duration of the pregnancy, they kept it a secret. The whole family was able to avoid spilling the beans and Grandpa was none the wiser until he arrived at the hospital and saw that the baby’s onesie contained a valuable piece of information.

Once he saw the words “FYI: its a boy!” written on the onesie, he was instantly stunned. He said “no way” and he even called the rest of the family “brats” for not sharing the information with him sooner. Carie is simply surprised that the family was able to keep this secret hidden for the duration of her pregnancy and while Grandpa would have been happy no matter what, this moment added an extra cherry on top.

Having another grandchild arrive on his birthday was awesome enough, but finally receiving the little boy that he had always longed made the experience even sweeter for Grandpa. His reaction and facial expressions were priceless and we applaud this family for being able to remain so tight lipped throughout the pregnancy. How no one slipped up and revealed the baby’s gender is definitely beyond us.

If you would like to see this incredible moment for yourself, then take a moment to watch this awesome video. Once you have reveled in the joy of pawpaw, don’t be shy about passing it along. Your friends and family members are bound to appreciate this adorable grandpa’s happiness.

It's A Boy!

"My dad is the only boy of three, has four daughters and two granddaughters, so when we found out our second was going to be a boy we decided we would just keep it a surprise, and told him we were expecting another girl. His grandson came on his birthday, and sharing his name, Landry James. Everyone we knew kept this from him, and as you can hear from the video even his four and five year old granddaughters who are yelling 'we keeped a secret from you!' The onsie he is wearing says "FYI: I'm a boy!" #LoveWhatMattersCredit: Carie B Elbe

Posted by Love What Matters on Sunday, July 2, 2017