Just before first kiss, man starts speaking and shatters her. What he says leaves guests stunned

Every girl grows up dreaming of the picture perfect wedding day and for most brides, the big day goes off without so much as a hitch. However, the wedding planning can become more difficult when there are special friends and loved ones who are unable to attend on the big day. The absence of these loved ones leaves a major hole in the bride’s heart and can diminish her enjoyment of the special occasion.

When Jordon married his beautiful bride Brittany earlier this year, the wedding was planned down to a T and it was a lovely occasion for all parties involved. For Brittany, there was only one minor detail that was not up to par. Ever since she had dreamed of the big day as a little girl, she imagined that her grandfather would be there to serve as the officiant.

She had already discussed with her beloved pawpaw and he had agreed to oversee the festivities. Unfortunately, he passed away last year and did not have the chance to be there. Jordon decided to improvise and he came up with an idea. As it turns out, Brittany’s sister was married in 2015 and their pawpaw had been able to serve as the officiant for the occasion.

They decided to utilize recordings from Brittany’s sister’s wedding and use them at Jordon and Brittany’s. Brittany had no idea what was going to take place until the actual ceremony and the family did a wonderful job of keeping them fully in the dark. The ceremony had nearly reached a close when a familiar voice came over the speakers.

Pawpaw’s voice came through loud and clear and Brittany was treated to a recording of the same prayer he had provided for her sister and her husband. He announced them as husband and wife and for Brittany, this was a moment that could never be duplicated. Her heart may have been broken, but the happiness and joy that she felt as a result of this gesture was more than worth it.

The entire room was moved to tears as the gravity of the moment set in and we wish we could have been there to see this beautiful bride in all her glory. Jordon’s thoughtfulness definitely deserves praise and Brittany is certainly a very blessed woman. Having pawpaw present for the wedding was a great way to kick off this union and we definitely wish them all of the best going forward!