This Is A Good Lesson On Why You Shouldn’t Park In Handicapped Spaces

If you are anything like us, your blood boils when you see inconsiderate people who think nothing of parking in handicapped spaces. This story warms our hearts, as one person decided to stand up to the jerks who find this type of behavior acceptable and teach them a major lesson that they would not soon forget. This thoughtless jerk from Brazil probably wishes that he had parked in the proper space.

When he parked in the handicapped zone, he came back to quite the surprise and it was definitely not a pleasant one. The entire vehicle was covered in blue Post It notes and these notes were arranged in a manner that spelled out the handicapped sign. Thanks to the magic of video, we are now able to catch a glimpse of the awesome moment when the driver returned to this vehicle for ourselves.

As you can imagine, the driver of the offending vehicle was quite perturbed when he got back and saw what had taken place. The crowd that had gathered to survey the scene felt much differently about the matter, though. They clapped and cheered when they saw the car covered in paper and to make things even funnier, a motorcycle cop saw the car and stopped off to provide the scofflaw with a well deserved ticket.

Watching him attempt to angrily remove all of the Post Its before driving off is one of the funniest sights that we have seen in a long while and we found ourselves wheezing with laughter. Sao Paulo have already come up with a great plan for reducing these instances, as they have issued a warning ticket that can be handed out by any citizens who sees someone parked in a handicapped space that they have no permit to use.

The person who covered this car in blue Post Its clearly did not find this solution to be helpful enough and has kicked things up a notch…we are not mad at them for this at all! Stories like this one do not come along on an everyday basis and we implore you to share this hysterical occurrence with all of your closest friends and family members.

Meanwhile, those who feel as if it is their birthright to park in handicapped spaces would do well to take heed of this story. The last thing you want is to experience a ticket and a public humiliation that goes viral. Think twice before you park in a handicapped space and be sure to pass this story along to spread the appropriate awareness.