Woman Waited For Mom To Look Away At The Hospital, Then Slips Boy A Secret Note


The idea of a grown woman slipping a note to a young man at the doctor’s office might make you feel all cold and prickly inside. While it may seem as if there is no reason for this event to take place, this story proves that there no circumstances too strange to prevent a good person from doing a kind deed for someone that they believe is in need.

This story takes place in Alabama, where one mother was forced to endure one of those days that you wish would end. Melissa Simms was living out the old axiom about how it pours when it rains and while her son Trey was already home sick from school, she had to go to the doctor’s office to handle a follow up consultation about some surgeries that she had recently undergone

To make matters even worse for Melissa, she would soon realize that she was in even bigger trouble than she thought. Once she was done at the doctor’s office, it became apparent that she did not have the money to pay for the co-pay. Melissa and her husband were down to their last 10 dollars and they had needed to split these monies in order to afford gasoline for the day.

While this would usually be a moment of embarrassment and sadness for most mothers, one special woman had been paying attention throughout the interaction and she was willing to step up to the plate to assist the family who found themselves in need. Not wanting to embarrass the mother any further, she slipped an envelope to Trey and told him to pass it along.

Its contents may shock you. The woman had seen Melissa’s financial distress and decided to save the day. Providing her with a $100 bill that would allow her to cover the co-pay and a note that says she understood the circumstances that led to her needing the money was the nicest thing that she could have done in this situation and we applaud this woman’s initiative.

The note also let her know that all she needed to do was hang in there and hope for the best and as you may have guessed, Melissa ended up crying as a result. The woman did not want any credit for what she had done and chose to remain anonymous. This is the type of story that definitely deserves to be shared with a much wider audience and that is why you should not be shy about sharing it