Strangers See Barefoot Child Waving At Them. Then They Follow Her Into The Woods

At just five years of age, this little girl helped save her mom and brother! Angela, her little daughter, Lexi, and infant son, Peter were all in the SUV when it fell over a 40-foot embankment in the Canadian Rockies back in August 2015. The reason for the accident? Angela fell asleep behind the wheel. As a result of the crash, Angela had been knocked unconscious, and Peter was crying.

Lexi was unhurt and knew that she had to get help. Lexi was able to unhook her seatbelt and barefoot, she crawled up the embankment and waved down a passing car. The couple in the car realized that the child was in desperate need of help, and pulled over. Watch the video below to meet this amazing young girl and her family!

Take a look!